Healthcare has been thriving as a domain with consistent technical advancements. As a global pandemic hit the world, Remote healthcare services have been high on demand.

In this scenario absolute analysis and correct diagnosis become crucial and this was the focal point for this application. The Application aims to eliminate errors in the administration of drugs, which means to ensure that the right drugs are prescribed to patients and provide quality services to their users.


First Databank API integration to return the values in a color-coded interface based upon contradictions & Warnings from drugs and conditions associated.

MAPS integration and ICD code mapping


The proposed application uses the EPIC system to access, organize and store and share electronic medical records along with MAPS API for receiving patients’ demographic info.


Core features

Correct medication analysis, patient history check, Automated record update (FDB API)


A SAAS-based healthcare application, that can be used by various healthcare providers for Patient analysis, Recordkeeping, and correct diagnosis. The application can also be used as a third-party integration with existing EHR/EMR applications and will improve the quality of healthcare services provided.


Healthcare SCM

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