Manufacturing Industry


This distribution ERP aims at automating the process of selling, manufacturing, and maintaining the warehouse at the lowest cost possible by utilizing all available qualified resources and providing the best service to the customer without comprising the quality.


Handling Big Database. Silent Printing of SSRS. Up-gradation from MS-Access to Web. OLAP Integration and Yellowfin Report


This application handles the process workflow of manufacturing, material handling, assembling, and distribution of customized Doors for a Door Manufacturing Industry. The process also involves Inventory management and Multi-located Warehouse management.

The complex part of an application is extensive Dashboards and advanced reporting against multiple entries of various departments. We have used tools like Power BI and Yellowfin for advanced-level reports management.

Core Features

Request/Order Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Supply chain Management, Reporting Tools


Process workflow automation with supply chain management has been achieved through a single application for which earlier multiple applications were being used. Staff and management have a single point of view of the end-to-end process right from Raw materials management, BOQ, Accounting, Inventory, Warehouse management, Reporting, customer request handling, and management and has increased customer base as well as efficiency by 45%.



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