Med Supply is supply chain management for healthcare. The client has the business of providing medical equipment and supplies to healthcare facilities.

They supply several types of equipment ranging from rental, non-rental, and disposables as per client’s requirements and have hospitals, clinics, and care centers as their clients.


  1. Data was not necessarily secure to the standards required for HIPAA and other regulatory needs
  2. Transfer of data to Brightree was done manually and was a time-consuming process
  3. No client interface to manually enter data about equipment usage or needs by clients
  4. No clear audit trail for changes and updates made to data entered
  5. Data couldn’t be easily compared between spreadsheets


We started with eliminating current challenges in the application followed by redesigning application’s backend. We have provided features like Inventory management and tracking, Sales tracking, Equipment tracking and reports and have also enhanced overall application’s performance by database optimization.


  • Inventory of rental equipment in each facility
  • Status of each piece of rental equipment in each facility
  • Including detailed records of the patient using each piece of equipment
  • Inventory of disposable items in each facility
  • Sale records of non-rental equipment
  • Sale records of disposable items


The application automates the Supply chain operation to the core streamlining the process of equipment, rent, sales, and inventory management. With Brightree integration for payment management, it has eliminated the need for payment information to be tracked manually in a system Updated UI/UX has provided edge and ease of operability to client and staff members.


Healthcare, SCM

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