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CRM as a Customer relationship management tool has come a long way and has incorporated workflow automation, campaign management, and reporting as integral parts. This application is the perfect example of the same where the Application manages process flow along with the client, campaigns, Deals, Payments, Tickets, leases, and everything else from a single portal.

Also, this provides a frontend portal for end clients to manage their devices as value-added services. Clients can also raise tickets and follow- up on the status without needing repetitive messages/mails.


  1. Legacy application with messy database.
  2. Loading data into the model, by extracting it from its different source systems/databases and transforming it from the current structure into the structure defined by the model, using ETL.
  3. Redesigning and Tech stack migration since it was a complex application with an active customer base.


We have developed a mobile responsive Web-based CRM application capable of handling end to end process flow ranging from:

  1. Ticket management and assigning
  2. Lead to deal management with color-coded status tracking
  3. Sales process management and tracking
  4. Complete Account Management (Multiple accounts for a single client)
  5. Document and Lease management
  6. Campaign management

The application has been redesigned and re-developed in and Angular keeping the current process with enhanced features and performance.

Core Features

Client Management, Lead/Deal Management, Follow-up tracking, Tickets management, Accounts Management, Campaign Management, and Reporting


A complex legacy application redesigned and developed in a robust technical stack has enhanced user experience, operability ease, and transparency to the process. Application efficiency and speed have been improved up to 40%. All the offline work including Lead assignment and tracking, responding to tickets, lease management has been automated saving both resources and time.



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