We are working with a revolutionary automotive services company that deals with automotive business from a single login platform to provide functions like- Sales, Accounting, Inventory, and Administration for back-office automation while services like- Insurance, contract negotiation, Profit analysis, LMS as customer services.

Customer Relationship Management that will create opportunities for attracting new clients.

Prior modules
• Document Management, CRM, Service Management and Scheduling
• Manage processes- accounting. Inventory, rentals, credit Application
• Extensive dashboard for updated details on- sales statistics, Pending leads, credit applications, tasks deliveries, etc.

Technical technology
C#, ASP.Net4.0, SQL Server 2012, AJAX, Jquery, JASON, WCF services, MVC 4.0, SQL server analytic services. Angular JS 

Prodigy health

Healthcare has been one of our niche services and with this application, we have helped doctors to implement a certified Electronic Medical Record. EMR/EHR system to improve patient charting efficiency in their clinics and avoid Medicare and Medicaid penalties.

The application helps in generating the health record of the patient and facilitating it among multiple health care facilities and agencies, which includes:

• Contact information
• Information about visits to health care professionals
• Allergies
• Insurance information
• Family history
• Immunization status
• Information about any conditions or diseases
• A list of medications
• Records of hospitalization
• Information about any surgeries or procedures performed

Technical stack
- Angular 7, .net Core, C#, SQL Server 2016

Business Filing Application

This application is a business professional’s paradise offering incorporation, LLC filings, and annual corporate compliance filing services simple.

Users :
Accountants, Bookkeepers, CPAs, QuickBooks Pro-Advisors, Enrolled Agents, lawyers, business, and tax professionals.

Core Modules :
Incorporate & LLC Filing. Business/Licenses/Permits, Business registration and reporting Technical Stack .Net core, MVC, SQL, Angular, LINQ, Twilio, EF, Jquery, Kendo, AJAX.

Technical challenges :
Maintaining large database, legacy application enhancement, Library Management, Reporting.

Distribution ERP

This distribution ERP aims at automating the process of selling, manufacturing, and maintaining the warehouse at the lowest cost possible by utilizing all available qualified resources and providing the best service to the customer without comprising with the quality. 

Core Modules :
Request/Order Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Supply chain Management, Reporting Tools.

Technical Challenges :
Handling Big Database. Silent Printing of SSRS. Up-gradation from MS-Access to Web. OLAP Integration and Yellowfin Report.

Service Providers and clients Platform

This is a platform where healthcare service providers give consultation to clients or patients. Patients/clients can connect using web conferencing, chat, or call. Once they are connected with providers they can share documents with the doctor and ask his/her advice. The consultation will be available as per the appointment scheduled with the provider. Further, if the required doctor can refer the patient to another provider or clinic or lab.

Technical stack :
Asp.net, Ajax, LinQ, MS SQL, .Net framework Windows Server 2008/2012, IE 9+, Firefox 18+, Safari 3+ and Google Chrome.

Technical challenges :
Integration of live chat and one to many videos conferencing tool Referral tracking management and CRM functionality.

Historical events database Management Application

The application allows users to search decade and decades-old events, news by keywords, date, or personality/event associated with a single click. Which makes the application one of the largest historical database online. 

Technology : MS (C#, ASP.net MVC, Web API) Front End : HTML5, AMP, Ajax, jQuery, CSS3

3rd party API : Recurly/ Google API/ PDF Viewer Integration/ SOLR/ CDN/ SendGrid/ Lead Tools/ Sharing on Social Media 

Technical challenges

1) Integration with multiple tools - Skype for an auto log of Sales/Issues - Application Insights for application monitoring - Leads tools for image processing

2) Improved overall Performance of application - By Reducing DB trip, Maintaining frequently used data in Caching, Session, and SEO - Implemented unity of work, Repository Pattern. Dependency injection (Ninject/structural) Facebook & Google + integration

3) Third-party tool for image processing jpeg / JSON & Html creation.(Abby, lead tool, Stanford NLP, Ghost Script & Kakadu)