Med Supply is a provider of medical equipment and supplies to healthcare facilities. They supply several types of equipment:

Hardware which is kept onsite at client facilities and retrieved by Med Supply on completion of use

  1. Rental equipment – Hardware that is sold to clients as needed
  2. Non-rental equipment – Disposable supplies which are sold to clients as needed
  3. Disposables

For each type of item, Med Supply must maintain accurately and up to date records of:

  • Inventory of rental equipment in each facility
  • Status of each piece of rental equipment in each facility
  • Including detailed records of the patient using each piece of equipment
  • Inventory of disposable items in each facility
  • Sale records of non-rental equipment
  • Sale records of disposable items


  • Home
  • Facility services
  • Audit Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Reports
  • Setup
  • Admin

Main Technologies used

Visual studio code , JSON, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, SQL Server, Windows 10, FileZilla FTP,PHP, Laravel Framework.


Healthcare, SCM

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