Our Offerings

Business Consultation

Want to start a business but don’t know how? Have a business set up that is not catching up? Or you want to take a calculated risk to dominate your competitors? We have got your back. We offer business consultancy that works and technical assistance that ensures success.

Whether your business needs a new agenda or you need to make adjustments to the existing one, we develop a strategy considering your customer base, competitors, product & services, and your plans to scale.

Book your first consultation free and let us help you grow!

Web/mobile design and development

A team of fresh dynamite minds led by experienced professionals, isn’t a win-win? And what else you need for a perfect start is; Ability to emphasize your business idea!

Our experts have niche business know-how and technical expertise. We develop custom solutions to your unique business that can stand the ever-changing market trends and evolving technology. And yes, Designs, that are everything but boring!

From precise business analysis, project evaluation, to application designing, its implementation, and testing, we provide complete assistance. We also offer after support to help you get on your feet and firm. 

Mobile development

Ever since 2016, when mobile internet users surpassed desktop users, Mobile-First Approach got momentum. With an evident boost in demand for Mobile applications, every business irrespective of its size and customer base has a quest for a mobile application with elegant UI.

We offer mobile development solutions across different platforms and provide services ranging from- Demo applications to Device compatibility research and MVP and PoC development. 

Testing and Automation

As much as we love developing from scratch, we love to help our clients scale. Plus we opt for getting you through all your obstacles i.e. Abstraction to Maintenance. If your business is lagging or your application is age-old, we are here to revamp that with feature enhancement and speeding up the performance.

Digital Marketing

“How to sell’ is an age-old question that’s still relevant and the only difference is; evolved practices! With Digital marketing it’s easy, to not just sell but to procure a clientele for the long run. 

We assure that you reach each one of them - your current as well as potential clients. We provide what your business needs- SEO, website design, PPC, social media marketing, analytics, and tracking. 

And everything that’s left!

 Not fitting in any of the above? Nothing to worry about. If your business is lagging or your application is age-old, we are here to revamp. We provide recommendations regarding the technical roadmap, business specificities to streamline your business process and to strive for your future goals. 

Only if the business idea, knowhow of demand, and supply were enough; it wasn’t much of a task, right?

But consider devising a strategy, formulation of a roadmap to execute short and long term plans, assessing potential risks and challenges! If this sounds like a daunting task, we would like to hear out from you!