We developed a solution called Accounting Software Connector which is a SAAS-based solution. The solution has helped DOC Finance to Pull/Push data from various accounting software like QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Xero Online into their format. With their help end user have significantly improved the clarity of their financial situation. With provider and fintech integrations, DocFinance provides a complete array of functions and products that can achieve all the objectives of a modern finance department.

Core Features

Manual triggering: Our window application has the functionality to pull/push data manually at any time to sync with accounting software. Users can also change the configuration settings for each of the accounting software in the settings page and the running of the window service can also be controlled by the window application.

Automation: We have developed a window service for automatically pulling data from accounting software on a regular interval. The window service will run in the background of windows consisting of very lightweight processes.

Third Party Tools

QuickBooks Desktop, Xero Online , QuickBooks Online. 

Other Accounting/Finance Projects