MVC .NET Development

ASP.NET MVC represents the next era of Microsoft’s proven ASP.NET technology platform. As a leading force in this evolution, GiniLytics IT Solutions introduces a revolutionary approach to crafting dynamic, scalable, and adaptable web applications and portals. The MVC in ASP.NET MVC stands for Model-View-Controller Architecture, a lightweight, open-source framework seamlessly integrated with all the robust features of ASP.NET. This enables web developers to use the ASP.NET application architecture and the MVC design pattern to create highly flexible and user-friendly online apps.

Efficient MVC Development Company for GiniLytics IT Solutions

When developing corporate applications, we combine domain knowledge and technological skills to provide the best MVC.NET development services in the market. Our committed team of Microsoft-certified ASP.NET MVC developers has a wealth of experience and a solid track record in creating innovative solutions with Microsoft technologies, such as Dot NET Core MVC, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC,.NET Microservices, ASP.NET WCF, and numerous third-party and custom Web APIs.

We Provide

Why Choose GiniLytics IT Solutions for MVC .NET Development?

Secure and Scalable:

Our MVC .NET development focuses on providing fast and scalable solutions, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your web applications.

Technical Expertise:

Benefit from the knowledge and creativity that our Microsoft-certified ASP.NET MVC developers offer to each project.

Domain Knowledge:

We understand the specifics of various domains, enabling us to tailor MVC .NET solutions that align with your business requirements.

MVC .NET Development Services We Provide

ASP.NET MVC Web Development

Craft dynamic and responsive web applications using the ASP.NET MVC framework, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices.

Custom ASP.NET Web Development

Tailor-made ASP.NET solutions designed to meet your unique business requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your enterprise.

ASP.NET CMS Development

Build robust, easy-to-use, and scalable content management systems (CMS) that enhance your content-driven web applications.

.NET Enterprise Development

Leverage the power of .NET for enterprise-level applications, ensuring reliability, security, and optimal performance.

End-To-End ERP Solutions

Transform your business processes with end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions built on the MVC .NET framework.

.NET Cloud App Development

With our.NET Cloud App Development services, you can confidently explore the cloud while ensuring scalability and smooth integration

Microsoft Azure Development Services

With our Microsoft Azure Development services, you can enhance your apps with powerful cloud capabilities and realize the full potential of cloud computing.

iconThird-Party .Net Customization

Tailor and integrate third-party .NET solutions seamlessly into your existing systems for enhanced functionality and performance.

Steps we follow to develop Web projects

1. Define project scope

The first stage in beginning a project is requirement analysis; it is crucial to understand the problem we are trying to solve and the target audience before moving forward with development. A strong business requirement document will save us time and assist us at every stage of the development process

2. Create a project plan

We will construct the appropriate sprint plan in this step, along with a thorough work analysis that will enable us to meet milestones. The Project Manager will now build Feature Items based on requests from the Product Owner, Customer, Market, and Project Requirements within Jira or any other project management platform.    

3. UI/UX

We will now start working on the application’s UI/UX. The user interface (UI) is the part of an application that allows users to interact with it successfully. We create elegant designs with a rich user interface that guarantees user satisfaction. 

4. Assign a cross functional team

In this step firstly we will analyze the application user base and size of application and then design the best architecture for application. The development team will turn the wireframe and HTML into a real-time application after the application architecture is complete. 

5. Deployment & Testing

When development begins, a staging environment will be set up (the application is deployed using continuous integration and deployment; CI/CD). Here, the testing team will test the application; and be responsible for usability, stability, and security of application. If any issues are discovered, they will report them on Jira or another project management platform, after that the development team will take the necessary steps to fix them. 

6. Launch

The IT staff will release the finished and well tested application onto the production environment, where users may access it in real time. We also offer free of cost after support for initial start with negligible fee afterward.