Conformer website, which offers handcrafted envelopes as well as folders. The handcrafted envelopes are made by hand using various materials and techniques, with attention to detail and personalized touches. They can be created from different types of paper, such as handmade paper, decorative paper, or recycled paper. These envelopes can also be embellished with elements like linen, printing, foil stamping, embossing, and various coatings.

In addition to handcrafted envelopes, Conformer also offers a second folder that is designed to be easy to fill and seal, saving time and effort. They provide sample kits for their popular mailers, allowing customers to see the quality and design before making a purchase. The mailers are available in two types: heavyweight and lightweight.

Core Feature

  1. Pick Paperboard Type   
  2. Linen  
  3. Premium line color to choose the linen color  
  4. Pick Foil Stamping and Printing Ink but you can choose only foil Stamping Color 
  5.  Pick the Customize Design   
  6. Pick the Business Card 
  7. Pick Coated Paperboard
  8. Pick Coated Paperboard type – Coated 1 side, coated 2 side
  9. Pick Foil Stamping and Printing Ink but you can choose either one of the two
  10. Pick the Customize Design
  11. Pick the Business Card 

Tech Stack

Server Apache, CMS WordPress, Language PHP, Database MySql, jquery. 

3rd Party API Used

Payment gateway stripe. 

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