Elderly Care Transportation App

Avita Medical Clinic’s Transportation Solution is an innovative healthcare-based transportation application catering to the elderly, facilitating door-to-door transportation for medical appointments. It offers seamless scheduling and navigation, ensuring seniors receive timely transportation to their medical appointments.

Project Scope

We developed a healthcare-centric transportation application for Avita Medical Clinic, automating the process of scheduling appointments & coordinating transportation for elderly patients.

The Transportation Solution includes Apps for patients and drivers and a Backend system for administrative purposes.

Elderly patients can schedule transportation for medical appointments directly from the app, eliminating the need for arranging transportation separately. They can also track the status of their scheduled trips, ensuring timely arrivals for appointments.

Drivers can receive trip requests, and have route optimization enabled for better user experience.

Core Features

Tech Stack

Back End

.NET Core, LINQ, Entity Framework, SQL.

Front End

.NET CORE MVC, Entity FrameWork, JavaScript, Jquery HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. 


  • Elderly-Centric Transportation solution: Elderly patients benefit from convenient and safe transportation services, enhancing their access to healthcare.
  • Enhanced Safety: The app ensures the safety and well-being of elderly patients during transportation, offering features such as real-time tracking, route optimization, and driver selection to prioritize their comfort and security.

Technical Challenges

  • Implementing a user-friendly interface for elderly patients while ensuring security through OTP-based verification.
  • Designing a robust driver registration process, considering direct hiring by admin and confirmation protocols.
  • Integrating complex scheduling algorithms including Route optimization to efficiently manage transportation requests.