Ray Tax


When there is tax imposition for any property (land, home or property) then it is imposed based on the county administration which is led by county judge, so in that case customer is not able to manage or negotiation the tax imposed on his/her property by county sets, so Ray Tax taken the steps to represents the agent by the side of customer to manage and negotiation with County sets, with the help of guidelines and knowledge of tax impositions, they reduced the tax imposed on (land, home or property) for customer, and customer provide some percentage of saved taxes to Ray Tax which is called contingency fee. 


  1. Dashboard 
  2. Accounts 
  3. Spreadsheet 
  4. Properties 
  5. Clients 
  6. Promotions 
  7. Email 

Tech Stack

Back End

Language – PHP,  Framework – Cake PHP,  Database – My SQL. 

Front End

Language – JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. 

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